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To complete your integration, several audio-visual accessories can be added:

- TV Screen from the major manufacturers.

- Home cinema and invisible speakers, to immerse you in your best movies and series.

- Removable or motorized TV supports, to securely fix your screens.

- iPad ® support, your iPad® will now have a place of choice.

- Heating film, o be positioned behind the mirror, to avoid the inconvenience of condensation in your bathroom.

- Control system by touch tablet, smartphone or remote control, will integrate perfectly with the home automation of your home.

Samsung ®, Sony ®, LG ®, Panasonic ®, Philips ® 12-volt screen, LED, Full HD, LCD, 4K, SUHD, etc.


TV screens


Home cinema

Ultra efficient in Home Theater as in Hifi, they combine sound quality and elegance.

Invisible speakers


Amplifiers and transducers that distribute acoustics in materials (plasterboard, glass and wood).

Rev' Mural Support TV

TV supports

Wall-mounted, telescopic, on a stand or on a piece of furniture; find the right location.


iPad supports

Turn your iPad® into a powerhouse for sound, lighting and more.

film_chauffant b.jpg

Heating film

Prevents condensation when the TV Mirror or TV screen is in a bathroom.

controllers b.png

Steering system

Take control with style and simplicity.

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