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The DOCKING MIRROR range lets you choose from a selection of 10 frames :

Docking mirror Nils anodisé mat
Docking mirror Savane bois naturel
Docking mirror Séville or patiné

But thanks to the CUSTOMIZED range, a whole other range of frames is available to you.

NEW ! Exclusively, REV'MURAL presents its new range of LEATHER frames .

Nearly 2,000 colors make it possible to decline leather to satisfy all types of decorations.
There is something for all tastes, we can leather your frames with standard leathers.

For this range, we have selected 6 wooden frames.

Finally, our two other ranges of frames are made of wood and aluminum.

From a Louis XVI style to a contemporary style, from a golden color to an orange color, REV'MURAL offers more than 600 frames to choose from.

Thus, you can offer your TV screens a unique covering that fits perfectly with 
the atmosphere of your living space.

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