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 Rev'Mural enceintes invisibles


The SolidDrive ® system distributed by REV'MURAL ®  is absolutely innovative in the sound field thanks to a patented American technology.

The system is invisible unlike traditional acoustic boxes, no cable indicates its presence, while ensuring efficiency and durability over time.

We offer 3 different models of transducers depending on your support

(plaster, glass and wood).


Many finishes are available: black, titanium and chrome.


We offer a 7 year warranty for the transducers.

Technology:  the transducer receives audio signals from any sound source.

(TV screen, Home Cinema, mp3, etc.).

It converts them into vibrations thanks to two powerful magnets. These vibrations are then transferred to the surface on which the transducer is affixed.

The result is an audio broadcast that radiates evenly throughout all listening areas.

  • Frequency: 60 Hz to 15,000 Hz

  • Measured sensitivity: 70.0 dB

  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms

  • Power: > 30 Watts RMS

  • SPL max. : 88.5 dB

  • Variation: 70 and 100 Volts


We also offer a two-channel amplifier with 50 Watts of power for each channel.

The amplifier allows to choose the type of connection (stereo, mono or mono flanged) but also three possibilities of calibration of the compensator according to the support (plasterboard, glass and wood).

Three types of filters allow you to use any amplifier with multiple outputs.

 They are passive equalization modules designed to smooth the frequency response and optimize the sound of the transducers for any type of surface to which they will be attached. 

One module is required for each SolidDrive unit. 

NOTE: Not required when using SD-250.


We offer heat sinks when the transducers are operating intensively (background music in stores, museums, hotel lobbies, etc.).

If you wish to fix your transducer to plasterboard, it is mandatory to use a gear to maintain a constant pressure of the transducer on the support.

Three sizes are available 12", 16" and 24".

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