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The Classic TV Mirror


Whether in a private, public or business space, the mirror is a contemporary decorative element. REV'MURAL therefore offers you a range of mirrors that will respect the atmosphere created in your room.


Bronze mirror

The most suitable mirror for all rooms in your home.

Total Silver Mirror


Adapts to all rooms in your home and especially when the reflection must be perfect.


Partial Silver Mirror
Silver shade


Extra clear glass, partially silvered, natural reflection.

Partial silver mirror
Bronze shade


Extra clear glass partially silvered.


Partial Silver Mirror
Natural image


Extra clear glass partially silvered. The TV screen is not hidden.

Colored glass
International RAL color chart

Your TV mirror will make its mark in your space.

Choose your TV screen size

A 24'' in your kitchen or in your bathroom mirror. A 40'' in your living room or in your yacht. A 75'' in your entrance hall or in your conference room.

No matter the size or the information you want to convey, REV'MURAL offers you the TV screen that will best meet your expectations.

Choose your mirror size

REV'MURAL can make you glasses up to 3 meters by 2 in one piece. On the other hand, the minimum size corresponds to the image area for your touch tablet.

Choose the location and orientation of your TV screen

Set the location and orientation of your TV screen
(portrait or landscape).


Choose your type of installation


The Design TV Mirror

Thanks to the classic TV mirror, your room is unique.

But thanks to the design mirror, give it a real personality .

Choose your frame

REV'MURAL offers you more than 600 frames to embellish your TV Mirror.  Whether in aluminum, wood, glass or leather, modern or baroque style, REV'MURAL will allow you to adapt it to your space.

And even more, you can have it custom made according to the shape and color (RAL color chart) you desire.

Choose your shape

We offer you the possibility to cut your glass in basic shapes such as round, oval or hexagon. But you can also leave room for your creativity, everything is possible with REV'MURAL TV mirrors.

Mounting cut-out

A cut-out in the glass (glued to the wall, basin top, etc.) will allow the integration of objects that you use every day such as an electrical outlet, a switch, etc. We do not recommend that you make a cutout in laminated glass.


Choose your lighting

In order to customize your TV Mirror and harmonize it with its space, REV'MURAL proposes you to add an integrated LED lighting.

The LED offers a healthy, homogeneous but above all ecological lighting. Thus, you can imagine any type of design or contours that will adorn your REV'MURAL TV Mirror.

The TV Mirror lighting is recommended in a bathroom but can also be integrated into a TV Mirror in the living room.

Possibility to adjust the intensity of the LED? If yes, by an LED Remote Control or by the TV Remote Control?

Engraving on glass

A company logo, a slogan, a first name or a motif, REV'MURAL can integrate an engraving on your glass. This finish is the final touch in the personalization of your TV Mirror.



With our classic TV mirrors, your room is unique.

But thanks to the design mirror, give it a real personality .


Choose your bevel

Bevelling is one of the most elegant glass finishing techniques. From 10 to 40 mm thick, it dresses your TV mirror like a frame. It can be transparent for lightness or colored (international RAL color chart) to add character.


Finally, REV'MURAL offers you options to embellish your TV Mirror: 

the invisible speaker, the heating film and many others.


Laminated glass remains bonded when it breaks. This is why REV'MURAL strongly recommends it for TV mirrors exposed in public areas.

We offer colored laminated glass (possibility of satin finish): translucent, polar white, black, bronze, deep bronze, grey, Sahara yellow, green, mint green, deep red, tangerine, blue and sapphire blue.




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