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With keys or touch screen, with or without programmable display, with your tablet or smartphone:

PROCONTROL® manual or multimedia remote controls will allow you to control your audiovisual and your entire home automation.

Audiovisual and Home Automation Management

Coupled with its processor, the PROCONTROL® home automation management remote control will be your ally. The all-in-one remote control finally exists. Home-Cinema, TV, air-conditioning, roller shutters, etc. This remote control manages any electronic device that can be adjusted.

Two processor systems are available, bidirectional Zigbee® (2.4 GHZ) and 1-way (433 MHZ). Each processor has its own management remote control. More than 40 programmable buttons allow you to control as many electronic devices.

The iOS application, available on smartphone and tablet, allows you to always have a remote control at hand. 


ProLink.r : Communicating the Pro24.r and iPro.8 remotes via RF signal, this processor combines precision control with sufficient power for complete control over your home technology. Also compatible with our Pro Panel application for iOS.


ProLink.z : Pro Control's ultimate processor offers complete control of your environment when combined with Pro24.z or iPro.8 remote controls. Also compatible with our Pro Panel application for iOS.

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